Recently I have met one of my relative whom I haven’t met for years. I knew she has made herself devoted to religious activity. Her husband died years ago. She was quite young and still she is .because now she is at best at 45.What is astonishingly fascinating of her is that  she put herself beyond the all relationship of worldly life. The excruciating pain she felt after her husband’s death made her new self.She has been transcendent. A new version of her is absolute visible.

revolutionary mind

revolutionary mind

She lives in family, but very indifferent of any affairs of family. She eats only to survive. She does not have any worldly demand.

I have noticed –how she has freed herself from all kinds of negativity. Not a single word I have heard from her is negative.

Her point of view is that—“If I am deprived of anything; then it is God who does not want me to get it.”

She has been cultivating peacefulness. A machine to produce happiness and fulfillment. She has started to live her life to the fullest.

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She has discovered her purpose. Her purpose is to connect to God. She has been trying to give her everything to make sure the connectivity with God. She has been cultivating her passion.

While I was talking with her– I asked her—how she has been making things possible. Her answer was—“I have been trying to replace a new mind over my previous mind. Unless I replace my mind; I cannot  create a new mind, I cannot make the connection with God “.

I repeat—“A new mind over previous mind.”

I was profoundly astonished. How someone, who is apparently a very ordinary woman, could think to create a new mind to fulfill her purpose?

revolutionary minds together

revolutionary minds together

As far as I know her– she is not much educated. But she knows the secret of success. Her purpose drives her to know the law of success. A will force makes her to form the new habits. Her strong determination to connect to God has given her strength to destroy her former mind which she thinks is not perfect enough to the way to her fulfillment. Her perseverance enables her to make herself a better version; a superior version; a desired self.

She also has talked about the concentration what is necessarily important.

”Apart from extreme concentration, I would be fail to be connected.”

And I have noticed how much she was focused to her purpose during her few days stay in our house.

Our lives are deprived of attention in most cases—as a result, our success remains far off. We all have fire inside, but do not know how to ignite it. We are endowed with our uniqueness, but fail to discover it. We want to be successful, but our activities are not success-oriented. We squander—we ignore—we deny—we complain. We want the change, but we do not change. We want greatness, but pull all the mediocrities. We try to achieve our dream, but the whole process lacks coherence.

An absolute extent of devotion to the purpose has  drived an ordinary woman to become extraordinary. A sheer stick-to itiveness has enhanced her ability to find the direction to the way to her intention.

revolutionary mind beautiful

revolutionary mind beautiful

Her purpose is to connect to God. Her goal is to get rid of from all worldly necessities. She has set her goal and started doing activities which is perfectly consistent with her goal. Everything she does is goal striving. Every initiative she takes is goal-oriented.She is on her way to success.

When effort corresponds with our target, we succeed. When a force that is essentially dovetailed with our goal, we emerge triumphant. Our excruciating writhing—our insatiable thirsts—our irresistible urge help meet our success.

revolutinary mind sparkling

revolutinary mind sparkling

Any shortcoming is completely unforgivable. This is law of success. Or else we remain ordinary forever.

Thank you….