Greatness comes through cultivating the passion, not by discovering the passion. Passion itself does not have anything to do as long as we do not pay attention and put our best effort. Our inaction kills our passion. Passion is not our strength, our effort is.

However, if we cultivate our passion, it can put us at any height.

My perspective.

A meritorious student can do anything revolutionary if he nurtures his talent, while student with no talent can also do something revolutionary if he nurtures a strong will power.

We often come to know about someone that she/he had some extraordinary aspect during childhood. Everybody regret for the very person not for using his/her innate talent which was found at very early age. In every society, it is very common story.

Therefore, it is evident that we often find our passion in very early childhood in our life, but lose forever because of not cultivating it (special talent).

Hard work beats the talent.

Follow your passion

Follow your passion

We can master anything if we put our whole heart. On the contrary, we can be ended up with mediocre life through lack of hard work even though we born with some innate talent.

I met one of my ex-colleagues yesterday. She used to work in computer section in Alfred International School and College where I had worked for nine years. She is not there currently though. During my stay in the school, I had came to know some of her creative expression–her uniquely artistic ability in handicraft. I often had encouraged her to nurture her creativity—to continue creating those artful things.

While talking her yesterday I was disappointed to find her disinterest about her special quality which is innate within her. I sensed her inborn quality is on the verge of collapse.

Fundamentally, the gulf between having passion and doing something outstanding through cultivating passion is enormous. Unless we are passionate about our passion, it has very little to do.

Many people with unique possibilities give a very bad end in their life because of their indifference—because of their lack of commitment—because of their desire to have instant satisfaction.

Yes. Why some people lack interest in nurturing passion is the desire to have instant gratification. We expect praise from the people around us for our accomplishment—we want applause—we want compliments. We often feel unmotivated if our qualities are not acknowledged in an instant.

We forget self-satisfaction—we fail to show self-esteem—we disbelieve ourselves. As a result ,we do not pay any attention to our passion, the endowed greatness which in the long term would work as gold mine—which would give us an extraordinary life—which would bring us an absolute greatness—which would lead us a revolutionary change– not only in our individual life ,but also for the entire universe.



Passion is innate—passion is to discover. Nevertheless, unless passion is nurtured, it won’t bring any good for  anybody.

Thank you…..