Dream high –dream big. Achieve necessary skills to fulfill your dream. My father always says,”We achieve dream not for the dream we have dreamt, but for the skills we achieve to reach the dream.”



Dream without

relevant skill is a worthless dream.

Our hard work provides us with skill that is necessarily needed to attain our desire. A work can apparently be hard as long as we do not start the work. When we start working hard, things become familiar to us—we learn every aspect of the work step by step—our panic fade away—we develop confidence. The more we work hard, the easier the things seem.

After a certain period, everything becomes automatic. Our effort becomes effortless. We can do things which seemed quite hard once without much thinking. Does it mean that the work becomes easier?  When we earn the necessary skill after a certain period of focused effort–we form some definite habits –things become automatic. Our neural network gets strengthened—we form a permanent and effective neural pathway. We start mastering the certain work.

Do not be a daydreamer. Eventually, life will be a complete nightmare unless you give up daydreaming.

Once I dreamt to be a BCS (Bangladesh Civil Service) Cadre. A dream job — a very prestigious job– a most wanted job  among the educated young generation. Every relative; every family member believed that I had enough talent to be a first-class gazetted officer. Some of them were quite shocked knowing that I failed to achieve that highly honorable job. The than very time I myself also convinced that it was luck that I was not blessed by to earn the job. I was not fortunate by luck which most people think essential for having anything great .

Soon my perspective changed to a full extent. I realized I was not eligible enough to be a BCS cadre. I might  had the talent, but I lacked the most urgent qualities such as –perseverance and consistency—I lacked wholeheartedness—I didn’t demonstrate the power of adherence. I was not ready to put my best effort. As a result, I was not crowned with the most sought after job. The amount of my effort I put and my desire were completely unmatched.

Forget the talent. Forget the intelligence.

If you have this qualities–good.If you don’t have–don’t regret.

All you need is your stubbornness.

Your stick -to-itiveness demonstrates your effectiveness.

Show your perseverance consistently.

Show the power of your stickability if you really want to lift yourself out of the world of mediocrity.

Only your extraordinary effort can pave the way for your extraordinary  accomplishment.



My father also says,

“Life does not give what

we yearn for—life gives as much as we pay for.”

Give and take theory is highly applicable in everywhere.

Many people in our society blame their luck not to have the thing they are eager to have. They blame their circumstances. What a regrettable matter!

However, I do not lament any more for the things I do not have.I have been trying to achieve my personal excellence in different area wherein I might have discovered my passion.

I am what I deserve to be. I am quite happy with what I have now. Every minute I live with immense satisfaction.

What else I could be! What more I am necessarily in need of! Life is really a worth living.

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