Frankly speaking, success is not for everybody.

I am not kidding.I just mean it.



Having a lot of unsuccessful stories around me convinced me to decide that— it is success which is not for everybody.

Doing a target work with uncompromising effort, honesty and integrity bring the work a successful end.

Success demands extraordinary effort and a huge extent of strength to fail.

To my consideration, people who will not succeed in life have a huge extent of shortcomings –

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1.People who blame constantly other people for their situation cannot be successful.When we blame others for our own failure—for our own miserable life ,we in turn give the control someone else over our life.

2.  A person with fixed mind set who always thinks that I got what I got and nothing else is possible to get.

3.  People who panic about embracing mistake cannot earn success.Some people cannot forgive themselves for their past mistakes and are not willing to step further.

4. People who yearn for vacation and do not enjoy his vocation have less chance to encounter success.Our uninterrupted perseverance pave our way to success.

5. Ungrateful people are hardly successful. You have to be grateful even for your existence in the planet. For your body and brain. For each breathing you take in every moment.

6. Irresponsible people are also unsuccessful people. Unless you take the responsibilities of everything happens in your life, you can’t be successful.

7. People who yearn for instant gratification can not be successful. We must refrain from the desire to have short term pleasure in order for getting long term gain.

believe in yourself

believe in yourself

8.Some people are busy with every problem around them.Even all the problems in the entire planet they are concern about.They gossip, they squander their time.They are never successful.

9. People who are not health conscious are not successful.Successful people prioritize their health over anything. Health is our true wealth which is developed with most advanced biological mechanism.

10.  People who procrastinate are usually unsuccessful.Procrastination lets us squander our precious time.We remain unproductive and lose our creativity.



11.Inconsistent people won’t see the success. Doing things impulsively and irregularly never meet the success.

12.People with narrow mind are usually not successful. Doing something extra on daily basis in work place gradually transform into vast achievement which in turn will from a huge success in the long run.Some people are too unwilling to do anything extra in their work place.

13. Not celebrating small success is one crucial reason why people don’t meet a big success. Some people really don’t appreciate small success. A giant success does not come overnight.

14.Negative people hardly meet with success. Positive thoughts result positive outcomes and vice versa.

15.People with low expectation will not succeed. They like just miseries.

16.People who does not appreciate change cannot succeed.A lot of changes inwardly and outwardly accumulate success.

17.People who talk big and work less are unsuccessful.

18.Unhappy people are unsuccessful people.People are not happy because they are successful,rather people are successful because they are happy.

Everybody is engineered to succeed.We are here to glorify our existence in this planet.Nevertheless, we fail to emerge glorious for our own self-limiting attitudes.We hold us back ourselves.We are responsible for any consequence in our life.

Thank you…

Keep growing–keep going.

Papiya Akter