Harvest your mind well

The state of our mind means a lot or in other words –our mind is everything. We are what our mind is.

harvest your mindharvet your mind

harvest your mind

Our mind breeds us. Our mind decides our way of existence. Devil or saint ;best or worst ;mighty or fragile ;constructive or destructive ;superior or inferior —everything, anything.

Our mind can help reach us to any extreme. Things are nothing but our choice. It can put us in a long stagnation –it can put us in super transformation.

When we empower our mind –it enslaves us–on the other hand,it empowers us when we take control of it.

We can reach any height of ecstasy or go down any level of misery.Its depends on–how poorly or how wisely we direct our mind.

Proper cultivation help outstanding harvest and poor cultivation gives substandard outcome . You can’t get desire quality crops unless you put your every effort to keep your land fertile.

How about our mind land?Is it properly cultivated? Do we sow the better seeds in our mind land?

Our thoughts are the seeds we put to our mind.They are the residents of our mind.We create thoughts and put thoughts in our mind and our mind works accordingly. We harvest what we sow.If weeds start dominating over crops land,we fail to harvest rich crops. So is our mind.If devil, negative and unconstructive thoughts fill our mind, we reveal ourselves as intoxicated person.

Again choice is ours– whether we will allow  negative or positive thoughts in our mind. It’s solely our decision if we put the best seeds, or the worst.

Harvest your mind now

Harvest your mind now

We emerge consequently to testify  our mind.We are how our mind is set up.

Therefore, harvest your mind well to harvest the best harvest.

And let’s enslave our mind and not be slave of it.

Let’s be the director of our mind and not to be directed.

Let’s act on and not to be acted upon.

Let’s confirm the outstanding harvest.

Let’s use the uniquely unlimited power of our mind and reach to a formidable transformation.

Thank you……