Smile big and smile genuinely

Smile big - revolutionary mind

Smile big – revolutionary mind

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Your smile can be multiplied into many folds. It’s contagious and it’s contagious to a great scale.
A face with genuine smile can achieve anything. A smile with real gratitude can change the total atmosphere.
People feel worthy when you smile with them. A no reason smile can be superbly magnetic.
People who they think are inferior to you can feel worthwhile only if they find smile in your face.If they are your coworkers, your smile can work like a magic to them.Their spirit and speed can take a new dimension when you are beside them with a real smile in you.
People really long for seeing the smile on their superiors’ face. You can find the sparks on them. Don’t deprive your people who work for you to prove your worthiness.
While visiting India for my father’s treatment, I discovered the magic of smile. We had an appointment with a neurologist at 11:00 a.m and we missed to get there on time. Since we missed the appointment the secretary of doctor said we have to reschedule our appointment for another day.We were at the end of our stay in India. So it was tough to afford another day. I approached to the secretary with a big smile on my face and told her how much I would be grateful if she could manage and she was convinced in an instant.

During the stay in India for my father’s treatment I did it often since language was a little barrier to communicate.I smiled and I wanted to smile genuinely.
When other factors go in vain ,your smile can do this uninterruptedly.
But be careful about fake smile.When your smile is interpreted as a fake smile, it will be soon understood that your smile only for your own interest. And there is nothing as detrimental when people lose faith on you and when you are figured out as a deceitful person.

Smile big-revolutionary mind

Smile big-revolutionary mind

And half smile can be ranking as negative smile.
Don’t underestimate the people around you. Be genuine and spread holiness.  Keep your smile real no matter who are the people you smile to.
Most important part of your smile is it works as a remedy for your enemy.  Smile instead of taking revenge who wants to destroy you and you realize the impact. Your enemy just won’t be able to gather their strength to be vindictive toward you.
Interestingly, your smile can bring pleasure for youself when your everything seems fall apart.Go before the mirror–draw a big smile on your face –make it as bigger as possible until your every teeth is visible –check your feeling right then.Just do it. You will be amazed.
Keep smiling genuinely and make the universe a place of real ecstasy.
Smile for the sake of positive environment –smile for your own well being –smile to raise confidence within your underling –smile to show your gratitude.